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Uneducated Punks

The Truth About John "GreNME" Lieske

According to the MySpace page of the obnoxious gadfly "GrenMe," whose real name is John Lieske, he is a 33-year-old punk with only a 2-year degree from a local community college in New Jersey, with a major in "Education/History." Of course, this means he really IS an encyclopedia surfing! We'll call him - "Encyclopedia Man!"

John has no formal training in comparative religion, mythology, languages, etc. However, it appears that he does have a "passion" for them, which would explain his extreme JEALOUSY of Acharya S and others, as Acharya in particular already has everything John wants.

John says:

"I don't like guns, but know enough to fire one. I don't like violence, but I have a short fuse. I am very good with IT (not just computers), but think it's a sucky job. History is my passion, and I collect books on many subjects now. I am slowly learning both Spanish and Arabic, with plans on learning some Greek, ancient Hebrew, German, and Persian in the future at some point. I've been called every bad name you can think of."

First of all, it's obvious John has a SHORT FUSE, as he so viciously and hatefully attacks those whose view of the world differs from his own. From what he says about his job, it's obvious that GrenMe's very unhappy and wishes he could make a living doing exactly what Acharya S and others already do. I can understand wanting to do that, but instead of constantly trying to smear, libel and defame Acharya, John could've tried to make friends by being more respectful and less hostile.

The fact is John is only attempting to make a name for himself by abusing Acharya S and others. John believes that by trying to pull Acharya and others down it will make himself look superior. John will fail with such a tactic because nobody remembers people of such low mentality and lack of character. Clearly, John has personality issues, which probably explains why he's "been called every bad name you can think of."

And at 5'8" it seems that John "Short Fuse" Lieske and Rook "Tantrum" Hawkins at 5'7" both have in common a Napoleon complex. Rook is another 25 year old kid who claims to be a "Historian and ancient text expert" with merely a high school education. They both apparently feel they are the great and exalted "guardians of history" who must robotically protect the sanitized, uncritical view of history as passed down to them. Neither one, of course, seems to have the ability to step outside the box and think for themselves, other than devising an immature plot to make a name for themselves by attacking others.

Have a nice day